How are you, right now, with your life? Happy? Content? Are your days easy? Do you enjoy the challenges of living? Are you free from pain? In good health and able to do all the things you want to do? Are you truly feeling whole?

If you answer a definite yes to all of the above, then what I have to offer is probably not for you. However, if something's not right, whether great or small, if you're suffering with recurrent pain or discomfort, feeling stagnant or stuck, fragmented or just plain frazzled, I may be able to help...

Jigsaw puzzle pieces

The Pieces of the Puzzle

Why do we feel pain? What purpose does it serve? Why do we feel fear, anger or anxiousness? And what stops us from feeling truly at peace with ourselves?

All pain and negative emotions are signals. Messages from deeper, unconscious parts of our being trying to communicate that something is not right with us, that we are not in balance.


Some pain is straightforward - you fell over, grazed your knee, pulled a muscle, fractured a bone. Some healing happens with ease, the injury all but forgotten within a short time, a minor scar remaining. However, pain that stays around, or keeps coming back, and particularly that which we already associate with bad experiences or strong emotions, is another matter. This kind of pain is a persistent message that is asking for something to be done.


Negative Emotions

Some feelings are brief and purposeful - a lorry is hurtling towards you, you feel immense fear, you rush to action and move out of the way. Most negative experiences do not leave a lasting impression, and if you remember them at all, it is without a strong emotional charge. However, some events, particularly those where you have felt overwhelmed, create a weight that you constantly feel, even if the specifics are hazy, a lasting legacy that saps your energy and leaves you unable to move forward with people, plans or your life, with discomfort, often physical, that means you are unable to do the things you want to do.

The signs...?

What is your body telling you?

  • Recurring or chronic pain?
  • Frequently anxious, stressed, tired, fearful, demotivated, or down?
  • Lacking energy and enthusiasm?
  • Fearing change, people, situations or the future?
  • Finding it difficult to recover from an injury, accident or overwhelming event?
  • The pieces not fitting together, not reaching your potential or not feeling whole?

Or perhaps you are experiencing difficulties and need support with facing changes, such as undergoing surgery, living with a chronic illness or coping with bereavement?

A possible solution...?


Your reasons for seeking help are as unique as you are, yet whatever they are, whether they are clear to you or difficult to get a sense of, where we will start is with your sense of not being 'ok'.

Sessions with me provide you with regular time to devote to you and your journey, your needs. They allow you a peaceful, safe space in which to explore how you are in body and mind and to develop or strengthen your inner resources.

How does it work...?

For a start, just stopping, taking 'time-out' and acknowledging your feelings will often make an enormous difference. Yet, if it were that simple, you probably wouldn't be reading this now. So in addition to this, I use touch, presence, knowledge of anatomy and intuition to 'listen' to your being and your story, guiding you to deeper states of relaxation and supporting you in letting go of the memory in your tissues of previously traumatic and difficult experiences.

By acknowledging, exploring, accepting, and forming a new relationship with layers of your physical and emotional self, you no longer need to spend energy keeping the hurt in, hiding it away and compartmentalising.

In essence, it is about getting back in touch with your sense of wholeness through greater awareness of your body, your feelings and your relationship with yourself.

My approach is based in Craniosacral Therapy and so is often hands-on and immediate, helping you to relate to your body and your experience of the present moment. I have further developed my work over the past ten years with influences from biodynamics, mindfulness, NLP, energy medicine, cranial osteopathy, massage and therapeutic dialoguing.

What are the Benefits...?


Acknowledging your sense of un-ease, exploring and building your inner resources, letting go of restrictions and long-held physical and psycho-emotional patterns.

That's the theory, yet of course, benefits will vary from person to person. However, they generally include:

  • Less pain
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Greater flexibility
  • More energy
  • A new found sense of ease
  • Feeling grounded
  • Relaxation
  • An opportunity to explore what may be stopping you being how you want to be, feeling how you want to feel, achieving what you want to achieve and most importantly, feeling whole.

Next step...?

If what you've read so far sounds like an approach that suits you and you want to get started, then call me to book a full assessment. We will then discuss your circumstances and goals in more detail and get down to some hands on work.

I would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and I will get in touch with you shortly.