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Newborn babies get off on the right foot…!!

Craniosacral sessions for mums and newborn babies in the first 6 weeks following birth can make such a difference.

If you are curious about what I do or Craniosacral Therapy in general, you can find out all about my approach by booking an assessment session today.

Birth is a challenging time for the whole family and most of all for mothers and babies. With all the changes that take place during pregnancy and birth, both physical and psychological, it can be a testing and emotional time for you both.

A mother and baby session provides you with a little space and time to relax, giving you an opportunity to explore how you are feeling and whether some cranial sessions may be helpful to you.

They may be particularly beneficial if you are still holding on to any aspects of your pregnancy or birth, such as aches, pains, soreness, worries or anxieties.

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